August 23, 2017

All About Christian Non-Worshipers

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What are we as worship or praise leaders nowadays doing to engage & reach the non-worshipers? Those of us who know worship requirement slight impetus to gain ourselves of present product offerings.

As a detail-oriented being who is concerned about technology, I relish reading about and using current gadgetry. I have no difficulty with some of the current “structures” being added in worship facilities. You can also get various church services by clicking right over here.

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Where I become worried is when the emphasis is on the persons and making them relaxed, making the whole thing simple for them; with a slight emphasis on God.

I have noticed it said that worship can be a manifestation of “worth” or value on who Jesus Christ is to us. If our activities cost us little or nothing at all, where is the worthiness? What value then can be related to our worship?

Making open public declarations of beliefs in Jesus Christ often cost early on believers their life. I am hoping that civilization today will not need a similar price to be paid today as it performed back then.

Just what exactly is Religious worship? Could it be a particular design of music, a genre? Could it be a couple of activities throughout a chapel service? What personal investment would it require?

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