January 25, 2017

All About Your Domain Name and Business Name

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Among the most important decisions for a website owner is choosing a good domain name. Apart from being your business’ own unique identity, it must effectively direct your potential customers to your business, and not someone else’s. As the domain name can make or break a business’ online presence, the following must be carefully considered:

Make it Short as possible

A shorter website name has generally more advantages over longer ones. They are easier to fit into the logos, easier to remember, less likely to be misspelled and are more recognizable.

I am never a fan of long domain names. Notice how I had to add ‘as much as possible’? Well, there is always an exception to everything, read on.

Keep Your Domain Name and Your Business Name the same (even if it’s long)

If your business name and domain name is the same, people will automatically know where to go. If in case someone else holds the website similar to your company name, it is unavoidable that people who try to search for your business will end up to the other site, whom could be your competitor.

If your business or brand name is very long, however, this may no longer be very ideal. But what if you have already built a brand name, and happen to be popular already? Trying to shorten the domain or rebranding your name will not be good for your business. I know that might not work all the time as well. Therefore, consider the next tip.

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