October 25, 2017

Animals And Their Disgusting Diet

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You will find reasons why deer, pigs, chickens, even horse are all naturally vegetarians. Why don’t speak about animal waste? Initially, farmers used cow and horse manure to fertilize their crops.

However, their diets were completely natural derived from natural sources of materials and grass grown in a natural environment. Thus, their waste was also natural. It was how their food supply was reused naturally. As with plant food for humans, the method was the same.

On the other hand, the majority of food production today is anything but natural. Since a result of Mad Cow Disease, cows are certainly not fed meat remains from other cows any longer. On the other hand, cow blood can be combined with feed which of course contains cow DNA.

Animal Production facilities

With animal farm factories raising food animals, current laws allow pigs, chickens and turkeys which have been fed delivered cattle to be killed, mixed with animal feed and fed to Farmville farm animals including cows. Thus, these animals are then slaughtered once again, blended with feed and fed back to the cow and farm animals which defeat the purpose of avoiding Mad Cow infected cattle.

HDM 101 Silage | Kmuch Industry Co., Ltd  – Animal Feed, Fermentation Technique is based on the enzyme which is found only in natural pineapple plants

So in substance cows are not only bred into cannibalism plantation animals also as they are now eating regions of and pieces of other animals.

Animal Proteins Products: consist of made intestines, blood, feathers, epidermis, hooves, and hair. Also, carcasses of rendered race horses, dogs, cats and or road kill.

Manure-Animal Waste materials: Animal feed can contain chicken litter, pig waste and cow manure comprehensive with ground dirt, crushed stone, rocks and wood particles. Even while this filler includes digested meats from all these animals.

Excessive Amounts of Materials: Digestive systems in cows are not tolerant to excessive amounts of corn and health-related problems such as abscesses of the liver and acidic digestive system tract create further components into their diets, drugs.

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