January 16, 2018

Basic Types Of Thai Curries

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There are different types of dishes in Thai cuisine. Usually, all types of Thai dishes are referred to as “curry”. The basic ingredients that are used to make these curries include cumin, coriander, chili powder, turmeric, green chilies, coconut milk and so on. Other ingredients may differ depending on the region.


Basically, there are two categories of curries in Thai cuisine

Water Based Curries

In this kind, water is used to create the liquid part of the curry. One of the most popular water based Thai curry is “sour curry” which has fish as a main ingredient. For sourness, either tamarind or a sour fruit is used. Another popular water based Thai curry is “jungle curry”. In this dish, you can add any type of meat or have no meat at all. This type of curry is very spicy because it does not have coconut milk which usually balances the spice.

Coconut Curries

Another type of Thai curry is one in which coconut milk or coconut water is used. There are basically three types of coconut curries; red, yellow and green curries. As compared to water based curries, these are less spicy because coconut milk has a sweet taste which counters the heat of chillies.

Thai curry pastes are used for making curries. The different colours in a curry are due to the different types of chillies used in the paste.

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