October 30, 2015

Benefits Of An ATM In A Business

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The presence of a Programmed Teller Machine (ATM) in a business can be hugely beneficial in retail businesses. Unlike vending machines or toy machines when a proprietor benefits solely from the rental from the space or from the direct profits from the machine, ATM's provide a host of other benefits to the proprietor. You can learn more about ATM at nusourcefinancial.

Here is a summary of those benefits:

Increased Sales. Studies show that an ATM can easily increase a business' sales up to 8%.

Cash Retention. 25% from the cash withdrawn from an ATM is allocated to the premises. This number is really as high as 75% for clubs and casinos and bars!

Control Bad Debts. Cash does not bounce. Every time a customer uses cash from an ATM it decreases the charge backs, disputes, came back checks, and the stress associated with these incidents.

Security. By having an ATM there may be less risk of robbery in addition to employee theft.

Reduced Costs. By directing your customer to the ATM, you can greatly slow up the credit card fees you are paying. Credit card transactions cost between 2% and 3% of your purchase. Instead of paying Visa in addition to MasterCard, make money instead each time a customer withdraws cash.

Save Period. An ATM can save customer embarrassment along with your employees' time. An ATM also deposits funds directly into your bank account, which saves time and do the job.

Improved Image. By providing new and unique services for the patrons, your image is improved. One reason people patronize your store is value. An ATM only enhances the overall value to your retail store.

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