May 24, 2016

Chairs vs Pews for Church Seating

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Church furniture makes an important part of decorating a church. Furniture for a church used to be simple back in the days, but things have changed. There is a wide variety of church furnishings available in the market today. One of the most important furniture in a church is certainly the seating. If the seating is not stable and comfortable, the congregations will have a hard time following the sermon. There are two types of seating that are commonly used as church furniture, which are chairs and pews. Each of which has its own benefits, such as explained below.

Chairs are the more modern furniture for church seating. Chairs will give the sanctuary a more modern look. As long as the chairs are cushioned and made of high quality materials, they can offer comfort and stability when seated. Chairs are unattached to the floor church, and they are stackable as well. These make the chairs easily be rearranged. They can be moved out of the way easily for cleaning, and they do not require routine maintenance. One plus point of chairs as church seating is the fact that they are very budget-friendly.

Pews are no doubt the traditional furniture for church seating. Pews will certainly add a certain elegant beauty to the sanctuary that you cannot get from chairs. However, while pews definitely provide stability and elegant beauty, they may not give you much comfort since there is no cushion. Pews also have to be bolted to the floor; this disables the rearrangement of seating should there be special events. Pews require routine maintenance, so waxing and polishing the finish frequently is essential. If not done on a monthly basis, you cannot preserve the appearance of the wood. Pews definitely costs higher compared to church chairs, but then again they offer you a more traditional look for your church.

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