May 7, 2015

Choosing the Right Fireproof CMI Safes

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Do you know that the main cause of damage to personal property is the result of fire damage? Whether you have valuable jewelry, important documentation, electronic media or something else altogether, your treasure should be protected at all times. Annually, companies in your city lose billions of dollars' worth of property because of accidents. Most consumers content themselves with a standard safe, feeling that their valuables are protected from all forms of destruction. But CMI safes with fire resistance have much more to offer. To cut down on or even prevent this loss of property, a lot of people are now buying fireproof safes to secure valuable documents and other artifacts. How do you choose the right fireproof safe

The first thing to consider when choosing amongst fireproof CMI safes is size. How large are the items that you want to secure? The size safe that you require will be determined by the size of the items that you need to protect. How many items and how large they are also will help you determine which type of fireproof safe you should invest in. If you have more items that need protection, or you have a large collection of important jewelry, legal documents or bulkier items, you'll need a full size fire safe.

The second thing that you'll need to consider is style. As fireproof safes are designed to protect content from heat and fire knowing the UL rating will help you make a well thought decision. If a manufacturer is offering a fireproof safe, but you don't see a UL or ETL rating, move away! Also, one thing to remember is that just because a security safe offers protection fire does not mean that it is completely indestructible, just that it offers a specific level of fire resistance. Whatever type of fireproof safe you choose, you'll see that each one has its own advantages in allowing (or preventing access to the safe).

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