April 1, 2015

Different Types Of Picture Frames

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Advancement of technology has led to the emergence of various types of techniques which are really helpful in providing different types of designer picture frames. One can find various types of portrait collection such as wood frames, Meta Frames, Plastic Frames, Glass Frames

Wood picture frames are the frames which are most commonly used. Further there are 3 sub-categories of wooden category: wood veneer, solid wood, and composite.

Wood frames are considered as a good choice Most of the picture frames in stores are made out of solid wood. Generally, they are made up of composite wood. Composite wood is prepared from many different compressed wood pieces which are fixed together. The majority of frames are made up of compressed wood.


If you are looking for a decent look, Plastic frames are one of the good options that lasts longer. Plastic frames come in various types such as Glossy, colored, and imitation-wood plastic picture frames. If you want your house to be look colorful then you should go for colored frames. They look decent, and can really charm the color of a room. Imitation wood is also a great choice if you want to go for wood look with no defectiveness. Lastly, glossy is one to shine in light.


Metal is considered as the same as plastic metal frame. Most of the people use metal frames in order to give a slight grime look to their picture. 

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