February 9, 2015

Fun Facts About The Types Of Ink

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Everyone knows about the uses of ink since 20th century. But what every one doesn’t know about the types of ink. If you also fall in this category you must read this article as it will tell you fun facts about ink, its types and its uses.

The very first type that we’ll discuss is the ballpoint ink.  Mostly the texture of this ink is pasty, thick and oil based. Most of the people around the world, i.e. the 58% worlds of population are habitual of using ball point ink.

Next in the queue is the gel ink. This ink is mainly water based and gets liquefied when the ink is distressed. This ink requires more space thus; the gel pens will always be bigger in comparison to the ball point pens. You can also look for best ink cartridges from here, if you are planning to buy printer stationery online. 

The third type of ink is the purest of all which is used in the fountain pens. If you use a type of ink which is not relevant for your pen, then you might spoil your expensive pen.

The Indian ink was originally invented by a great Chinese Philosopher named Tien-Lcheu. This was basically a mixture of covering powder and lamp’s oil which was further mixed with the donkey skin. 

Another unique type is Walnut ink. This particular type of ink was supposed to be made from the walnut’s shell. This was popularly used for staining the paper to get an antique brownish look.

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