June 25, 2017

Guidelines to Procure High Quality Shipping Labels

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A shipping label essentially refers to a label that is attached to a shipping container and contains information such as the contents, destination and handling instructions of the shipping container.  To get more information about shipping container you can navigate to http://shippingcontainers.net/conex-shipping-containers.html.

Shipping labels are most commonly used by logistics companies, shipping companies, manufacturers, and suppliers that need to regularly send consignments from one destination to another.

Such a label should also feature the name, address and contact numbers of the sender. In fact, several industries have pre-determined guidelines about the layout, size, placement and contents of such a label.Get an instant quote and you can purchase Shipping containers which are the perfect storage container.


Today, a supply chain management system is incomplete without the use of an appropriate shipping label. In fact, these labels are required to be attached to the main container as well as the inner packages in order to ensure that the shipping and inspection process progresses smoothly.

This variety of labels is often produced in bulk so as to aid the day to day dispatch of goods and shipping containers. You can also visit http://shippingcontainers.net/shipping-container-rental.html to know more about shipping containers.

Here are some basic things that you should know while ordering shipping labels:

  • You could opt for blank labels or coloured labels. Blank labels come with an adhesive back and are perforated. They can be printed at your facility using a regular laser printer.
  • The coloured labels usually feature the logo of your company or other details such as your address and contact details. These labels feature a small blank space where the address of the receiver can be printed at your office or facility.

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