November 25, 2015

History and Life of Ewen Chia

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Have you ever searched the internet for terms like "Internet Marketing," "Affiliate Marketing," "online selling," or "How to Make Money Online?" Well, if you have answered "yes," you may have came across the name of Ewen Chia. This great man is one of the most iconic figures in the online selling community. He has received numerous awards from respected organizations and is now recognized as the number one super affiliate in the world. With this great success and numerous achievements, Ewen has remained down to earth and humble. He even mentors and encourages a lot of aspiring internet marketers. Let us know how Ewen Chia made to this point of his life.

History of His Life

Ewen Chia graduated from University of London with a degree in BS C Business Management. He then took a sales and marketing job in a small firm. With passion and dedication to his work, he was awarded "Employee of the Month" regularly. This has made Ewen known within the whole management.

Tragic Happening in Life

One of the most tragic thing that happened in his life, as you can read in Ewen Chia Review, is when he has piling amount of credit card bills and outstanding expenses. He only had a little amount of money on his account, just enough to provide the needs of his family for the next few weeks. Ewen knew he had to do something extraordinary to turn things around.

Success Started

With a little to now knowledge about internet marketing, he decided to learn the craft. It was 1997, and during that time, a few people saw the potential of making money from it. But Ewen Chia was different; he knew he can make it big in the business. So, without hesitations he plunged into doing online business and years after, he became one of the most successful internet marketers of all time.

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