April 24, 2016

How to choose a full size dishwasher

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full size dishwasher

A wide range of full size dishwasher machines capable of satisfying the needs of any client. Current apartment size dishwasher models are able to regulate the amount of incoming water, consumption of cleaning agents. Some models are equipped with a washing time and temperature regulation function controls. The most expensive full size dishwasher machines can evaluate even the quality of washed dishes.

Standard dishwasher washing mode is versatile and suitable to wash almost any dishes. You can find it on the dishwasher's panel – most manufacturers call this function "Eco" mode, or "Economy", and something like that. It is used to wash a very soiled dishes. When selecting the optimal mode of your full size dishwasher, the device will automatically determine how contaminated the dishes, estimate the amount loaded in her dishes, select the desired mode. Typically, the entire process (preliminary and main washing, rinsing, drying) takes about 1-1.5 hours. It should be remembered that a standard operating parameters may be different in the different manufacturers of dishwashers.

The "Intensive Washing" mode is designed for those who need to save time for washing dishes, clean up a large number of especially dirty dishes, such as high fat dishes. "Intensive washing" can excellent cope with a fatty pots and pans. When it is selected, the dishwasher will start to work at a maximum output power and water consumption. For the shortest possible time, the dishwasher qualitatively perform all washing stages: preliminary and main washing, rinsing, and drying. If you use a dishwashing detergent that contains enzymes, the ideal to wash a dishes will be "Bio" mode. In this case, the dishwasher starts to supply only certain temperature water, which is best suited for the dissolution of dishwasher detergent components. The only one difference between these modes by default – it is the water temperature.

"Quick wash" or "delicate wash" modes are designed for washing a very fragile dishes. This mode will be indispensable, when you need for a short time to make a perfectly clean a glasses of fine glass, fragile porcelain saucer or crystal vases. Short cleaning time (30 minutes) and the low temperature of the water does not affect the quality of washing dishes.

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