August 19, 2015

How to wash a car?

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Sometimes we saw some peoples who love their cars more than their family. Today, I suggest some tips for those peoples who love their cars. Firstly you have to place your car in the sunlight. Then take dry cloth, a mug and two buckets with full of water. Add some car wash soap in a bucket. Then put the soap water by mug on the car and rub the car with cloth slowly. Before washing the car make sure that all the windows and doors of the car closed. Throw some water on the tyres of the car with the help of pipe to clean them.

We have also clean inside the car with the help of vacuum cleaner. When we are going to clean the car make sure that you are clean the car inside also. After cleaning the car with soap water, now you have to clean it with plain water. After cleaning with the plain water you have to soak the car with dry cloth. Today there are many companies and service centers which are provide the car washing services. You can see these types of companies in the internet in the different websites. You can also check on to get car washing services in the affordable price. This site provide you best car washing services in very low price.

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