December 28, 2016

Know About Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

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Many of the items within supermarkets and department stores were shipped safely to the store in cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard and many times the products are displayed in these boxes.It is due to the versatility of corrugated cardboard that it is developed to display products in stores and protect them during shipping.

The companies that make corrugated cardboard usually own the land in which these trees are grown so they can harvest the trees and initiate the process of converting the trees into kraft paper. There are chemicals that are used to create a fibrous pulp from the wood chips of the trees. You can also ‘navigate to this website’ (also known  as ‘navigeer naar deze website’in Dutch language)to know about corrugated cardboard boxes.

This is called the sulfate process. After the pulp is made, the remaining fibers are then placed into a paper machine that forms them into the large rolls of kraft paper through a process that presses, dries, and rolls the fibers.

However, recycling is another great way to make a corrugated box. The box is broken down and the process is quite similar to that of making a corrugated box from scratch.

Recycled corrugated boxes provide the same strength and quality. The only difference is that another tree doesn't have to be harvested in the construction of the box and energy is conserved. Recycling corrugated boxes also makes it cheaper to create a new box because the tree harvesting and various other steps such as pulping are left out of the equation.

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