August 28, 2017

Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

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We all hate those night when we get sleep for only a few hours. In the morning our eyes are puffy and we look like a panda, it is kind of cute but not when you have an office to go to.


Here is how you can use makeup to make your dull and tired eyes pop.

  • Kohl

Use a white or flesh colour kohl/liner in your water line for an instant and dramatic change. The liner will open up your eyes and make you look less sleepy. It brightens up your eyes and makes you look fresh.

  • Dark Circles

Cover up the dark circles using a concealer, this will act as a double duty product. It will cover the eye bags and instantly brighten up your under eye area making your eyes stand out.

  • Doe Eyed

To make your eyes pop use two colours of mascaras, black mascara on your top lash and brown on the bottom. This contrast will create an illusion of a more open and elongated eyes.

  • Eye Liner Trick

Use a black kohl and draw on your tight line, starting from the middle of your eye socket till the outer corner. Thicken the liner on the outer corners, do this for top and bottom lines keeping the edges clean.

  • Highlight

Use a highlighter to highlight the centre of the lid, inner corner of the eye and brow bone. This will lift up your eyes instantly and give a fresh look. 

Try all these early morning hacks using natural vegan makeup and look fresh after every tiring night.

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