March 20, 2016

Medical Marijuana Card – the Lowdown

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Patients who genuinely need to turn to marijuana for treatment are sometimes deterred and frustrated by the thought of having to go through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card. The process can also be embarrassing to some people who feel that they are judged if they tell their doctor that they prefer an alternative treatment to their illness, with the said treatment being cannabis. 

There's really nothing to be ashamed about. A lot of doctor these days are in the loop of new medical research that shows strong evidence of marijuana's benefits in treating some ailments. The perceived negative stigma causes unnecessary awkwardness and should be done without. After all, the reason for purchasing and using the cannabis isn't for recreational or drug dealing purposes. Federal law implemented requiring of medical marijuana cards to regulate the distribution and make sure that only patients are given. The card also serves as an indicator on how much cannabis bought by the patient is allowable, depending on the prescription indicated on the card itself. Dispensaries will always require patients to show this card to comply with their legal responsibilities. This practice is strictly observed in our stores to make sure that no illegal activities find their way to our products.

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