March 27, 2015

Raise your hands if you’re a fan of loans online

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The payback period of cash advances online usually range from 30-35 days. Some may allow borrowers to pay back their loan from 1 to 30 days. That does not help them payback the loan comfortably. Borrowers may still end up with a lump sum payment to make on their next paycheck or they may even have to make the payment with a shorter period of time. Some refer to this as flexibility without convenience.

If you are a little short on cash, cash loans from pay day companies like Cushtee Cash are not the only way out; there are several alternatives that you can consider. The overdraft facility on your current account is an example. Most credit cards offer an interest free period meaning that you will not be charged interest if you repay the amount you owe in full by the date given on your monthly statement. If you already signed up for a credit card service then this can also be a great way to acquire short term cash.

Credit cards

Despite the fact that interest rates on credit cards are frequently higher than those of the unsecured loan rates, they still have a lower charge rate when compared relatively to a payday loan. Averagely, the credit card rate is about 19%. There are various offers that even have a 0% interest rate but they are only introductory offers.

A credit card has proved repeatedly that it is a much cheaper alternative to borrowing than a payday loan; especially if you are in need of borrowing money for the long term. If you decide to go with the overdraft facility, you should first check the interest rates. These rates vary significantly so you should look for the best alternative that offers an attractive overdraft rate.

Authorised overdrafts

You can also make sure that you have an authorised borrowing facility set up. Most of the current account providers charge a higher rate of interest and levy high penalty charges if you go out of your way.

Local credit unions

One other short term alternative that should not be left unmentioned is the local credit union. These unions are small scale financial organizations of which there are hundreds of them throughout the United Kingdom. The distinctive fact about credit unions are that they offer loans to people with interest rates below 15%.

So the next time you want to apply for a payday loans UK online think for a while about all the alternatives before you make the decision to use a payday loan.

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