August 24, 2017

Review Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JP16 Guitar

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I have previously compared a few of Ernie Ball Music Man’s John Petrucci signature model guitars to sports automobiles for their design and quick performance, but another manner that the organization’s John Petrucci versions are very similar to automobiles is that because 2010 Ernie Ball Music Man has launched a new version every year (or, in the instance of 2015, two versions–the JP15 and Artisan Majesty).
The huge difference is that the newest versions aren’t replacements for the prior ones, but instead additions to an increasing lineup of John Petrucci guitars since Ernie Ball Music Man hasn’t stopped a model up to now. Ernie Ball Music Man now offers ten distinct John Petrucci versions, including the initial John Petrucci signature version introduced in 2001, the Majesty introduced in 2014, also this year’s most recent improvement–the JP16.
When compared with another John Petrucci versions, the JP16 is kind of this lineup’s equivalent of a Porsche Boxster Spyder–that the layout puts high performance as its main priority, therefore certain extras have been lost while different essentials are updated.
Consequently, it is priced slightly higher compared to first John Petrucci version but less compared to other guitars in its own loved ones. Ernie Ball Music Man clarifies the JP16 as “a mix of the first John Petrucci signature version and afterwards Ball Family Reserve versions,” but it also may be called a John Petrucci version made for gamers who prefer more conventional capabilities.
The JP16 has the identical contoured body contour as the JPX version, and it is 1.75 inches thick, like some of those newest versions. The body is lightweight slab of exceptionally resonant basswood, which retains the weight under eight lbs. The most noteworthy distinction between the JP16, that can be offered in six or sevenstring variations, is its own black Floyd Rose 1000 Series Professional floating tremolo, which divides the habit Music Man John Petrucci tremolo and its own piezo pickup choice. Visit Electricguitarguide if you are interested in why the electric guitar was invented.
1 significant update is the roasted walnut neck, which undergoes a heating procedure which dries and hardens the wood to make it even more resonant, very similar to wellaged wood. The neck features a smoky ebony fretboard, 24 medium jumbo stainless steel frets, a level 17inch radius (in comparison to the 15inch radius over the first version), also 251/2–inch scale. The pickups are a brandnew edition of DiMarzio’s Illuminator humbuckers especially intended to your guitar’s basswood body. The master tone knob operates equally humbuckers in parallel using the knob at the center position pushed down.
With its black upholstery and Black Lava complete, the JP16 has a rather stealthlike look that perfectly matches its compact, shredworthy layout. The throat has the slimmest profile of any Ernie Ball Music Man model I have tried, and due to this deep cutaway players sense only neck regardless of where they are playingwith. Perhaps the Boxster Spyder comparison is not apt whatsoever, since the JP16 is also about comfort in addition to speed. Some gamers may get the positioning of the pickup selector switch awkward, but in the event that you often change pickup settings at the center of a solo or song you will appreciate its convenient, readily accessible positioning.
Tonally the JP16 roars just like a Porsche too. The Illuminators provide fat midsize and crisply articulated attack which makes even the speediest solos sound large and competitive. It might appear unusual to supply just a split inner coil double pickup setting rather than the customary coil split/tap function found on a number of different guitars, but really this provides most gamers all of the singlecoil personality they require and finest of all of the tone stays always noisefree (that is not always true with coil splitting functions).
The JP16 feels rock solid as a result of the fivebolt neck attachment, and each detail in the recessed pit to your Floyd Rose tremolo into the customdesigned knobs elicits a feeling of luxury.
*Pickups are a fresh variant of DiMarzio Illuminator humbuckers with custom wiring which engages both internal coils if both pickups are chosen and the tone management’s push divide function is engaged.
*A builtin preamp circuit supplies 20dB of increase once the master volume controller push increase function is engaged.
*The roasted walnut neck offers resonance and lively responsiveness somewhat like a wellaged classic guitar neck.
T HE BOTTOM LINE : The JP16 might be a bit more stripped down than Ernie Ball Music Man’s additional John Petrucci signature versions, but it is nevertheless a highperformance guitar which delivers wicked, competitive tones and exceptionally lavish playability.

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