March 31, 2015

Scope of Lithomex use

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There are few substances that can naturally integrate into a stone structure and blend in without looking different. Lithomex fits the bill. When worked by an expert team who understand sandstone and the repairs that will cause it to be corrected appropriately, lithomex can be matched precisely to the damaged surface. For a demonstration of the perfect way in which this can be achieved, visit

Lithomex can be used on new structures as well as old buildings and heritage sites. The weathering of sandstone with time causes it to take different colors or finishes. With proficiency in understanding how to replicate this look, an expert masonry and stone repair expert can precisely reproduce this colour and texture with the use of lithomex. The material can be used on metal lath, and can also be used to create mouldings and other decorative structures that attach to the original structure. Although it has a wide range of use, it is not suitable for step or tread repairs. In this case, it is necessary that original stone is added, as lithomex may possess cosmetic similarity with these stones, but is not suitable for aggressive use and can wear and tear significantly if it is used in such an environment. 

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