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There are plenty of industrial sewing machine leather models which are available for you, but it is important to understand that all the sewing machine models are not capable for industrial use, especially when you are using the industrial sewing machines for leather. Some of the best industrial sewing machine leather models are

S16 Studio Industrial Sewing Machine by Singer

S16 studio is a well known model of industrial sewing machine by Singer Co. The external body of this machine is very beautiful and attractive in looks and the features of this machine are more attractive in nature. Some of its features include

The S16 Studio is a machine with straight stitch which is essential for industrial use.

Knee lifter is included in this sewing machine model.

The sewing speed of this machine is very high and it can sew 1600 stitches in just 1 minute that is good for industrial use and also it saves time.

The bobbin system of this machine is vertical.

The sewing and stitching space of this machine is about 9 x 6 that is very large which makes work in an easy manner.

Double spool pins.

All purpose, free motion, quarter inch and narrow hem presser feet.

Simple threading system.

Automatic threader for needle.

There is a sensor on presser foot which makes the machine stop if the presser feet is in upward direction.

Free system for Bobbin Winding.

Stitches can be controlled easily.

Thread trimmer.

Thread tension is adjustable.

Total length of stitches is 6mm.

25 years warranty.

P-1250 PROFESSIONAL Industrial Sewing Machine by Singer

The P-1250 PROFESSIONAL is an Industrial sewing machine manufactured by Singer. It has many useful features which includes the following

Design is fully flat bed.

Suction-cup base.

The P-1250 PROFESSIONAL is able to provide 1250 stitches in one minute on leather or any other thick or thin fabric or material.

The motor is stronger which helps in sewing thick layers of materials.

The frame of this sewing machine model is Duratec.

4 buttonholes.

Zigzag and multi zigzag stitches.

Blind stretch hem and Blind hem.

Straight stitches.

Presser feet total seven in quantity.

Needle plate and presser foot.

Drop-in top Bobbin System.

Three positions for needles.

Reverse stitching.

Buttonhole foot.

Blind hem foot.

Zipper foot.

Darning plate.

Seam guide.

Complete instruction manual for right usage of the machine and its functions.

Finger guard.

Extra needles pack.

Singer industrial sewing machine leather models are outstanding and classic. If you really wish to buy industrial sewing machines for stitching leather then these two models from Singer Co. are best and reliable. The parts present in these both models are all strong and consists a long life and buying these two models are real relief for the rest of your life.

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