October 14, 2016

Stem Cell Supplements – What You Need to Know

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Stem cells are the master cells of the human body. They are the foundation cells from which every organ and tissue in our body is created. It has only been within the last few years that scientists have actually discovered how amazing these stem cells are (especially adult stem cells) and what they can do in your bodies.

Healthy stem cells override unhealthy cells and can look for areas in the body that want healing. They go these areas and repair or replace damaged tissue, muscle, bone and cartilage therefore assisting with the reversal of disease, aging and injury that consequently improves and maintains our overall optimum health.

Mahwish Ahmed Irvine CA based cancer doctor defines bone marrow is an abundant source of adult stem cells hence why many cancer patients have bone marrow transplants or full stem cell replacement therapy.

It’s important to see “adult stem cells” are not embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are pre-birth that must come from an embryo. As adult stem cells exist in our anatomical bodies from your day we’re born the risk of rejection is non-existent.

Natural Adult Stem Cell Supplements:

a) Stem cell supplements are actually available.

b) They are scientifically proven, completely safe and very affordable.

Medical experts and scientists have pioneered the way for quite some time to obtain to this point – where the average person can have a “natural” stem cell supplement that’ll stimulate healthy stem cells from their bone marrow to help with the repair and renewal of their body and at once stop the aging process.

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