May 13, 2015

The Aggressive Side Of Go Kart Racing

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There are kids racing go karts all around the United States today. They are not just racing for the fun of it. These are racing to win. They need to become professional race auto drivers.

Many kids under 10 years spend many months training being professional go kart racers.. These people ride along paved streets and through rough landscape. They are entering directly into go kart competitions in addition to facing down stiff level of resistance.

Different age groups compete against another. The Sportsman 1 is made for kids 7 to a decade old. The Sportsman 2 is made for a 10 to 13 calendar year old. The kids really sharpen their skills in these kinds of go kart series. You can find out more about go kart racing via the internet.

Numerous young racer actually have older men which have been their mentors. Much tape is watched of the race and critically looked at. From the tape, the mentor and university student try to dissect the easiest method to victory. These kids are racing go karts for being professional racers for Method One or NASCAR. And they get much pressure from not simply their coaches but parents at the same time. Go Kart competition tend to be popular among parents because it’s the lowest priced entry into professional auto racing.

These racing go karts have become heavy. They go about 90 km one hour and burn through many a tire especially about poorly constructed tracks. The safety features include wrist straps to carry the driver in position, a helmet, neck protect and chest armor.

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