February 24, 2015

The Drawbacks of Juicing

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Juicing is more popular than ever, as people are seeing the benefits of consuming more vegetables in the day by separating them into their liquid-form and quaffing it down. There are many pro's to juicing, and there are also several con's. Dr. Wright from mygreenlifewellness.com/ talks about some of these drawbacks and why you may benefit from resting the juicer from time to time. 

First, you are missing out on all of the good fiber that is in the vegetables. The fiber is important for a couple of reasons. For one, the fiber helps to keep you full after eating. It provides the bulk of the meal that allows your hunger to be satisfied and keeps you from eating again an hour after you just ate. Another reason fiber is so important is because it feeds you gut bacteria. The bacteria in your gut feed off of the stuff your body can easily digest, like fiber and some starches in vegetables, so don't starve the little guys in your gut. 

Second, if you aren't careful about what you juice, you could be consuming a large amount of sugar in your juice. Some people get carried away with thinking that all juicing is healthy, so they use lots of fruit, making delicious tasting juice, but they are leaving out the nutrient-dense vegetables and consuming copious amounts of sugar from the fruit.

Last, juicing can lead to diarrhea. Some experience a bowel movement shortly after their first glass of fresh juice. While having to poop after drinking a glass of juice is not a bad thing, having very loose stools and diarrhea is. If this is the case, you may want to have your digestion checked out by a natural health physician. 

Juicing provides many benefits, but if done incorrectly or too much, it can be problematic. Remember to always use more vegetables than fruit when juicing, and consume vegetables with their fiber (yeah, you have to chew them) everyday too. 

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