July 30, 2016

The Oddity of the Enko Running Shoes

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The latest entrant in to the over corwed running footwear market is a distinctive and unique shoe from the Enko company. These different running shoes that are coming out of France were initially promoted at the end of 2014 and caused quite a stir and genertated a lot of interest. After that the first batch of shoes were created by using a crowd financing venture at Indiegogo at the start of 2015.

This athletic shoe has large mechanical spring loaded piece which are included in the sole under the heel. This particular spring design feature provides the athletic shoe with additional shock absorption as well as a high level energy return to increase perfromrance. This is reported to help increase comfort along with the efficiency. The springs are interchangeable and are determined depending on the weight of the runner. Data provided by Enko report that the gains provided by the cushioning in terms of mechanical energy is between 6% and 14% according to the pace of the athlete.

It's not at all apparent if the Enko  footwear will likely be broadly adopted at this time, but some concerns have been mentioned about the structure and how it might impact the foot and leg biomechanics.

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