June 2, 2015

The Universal Importance Of Health

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As always, there are some universal values which have no cultural dependence, and are even universal throughout ages. As an example, health has always been the primary concern of every human being that has ever liver, no matter where he lived, what he was like, or what he did for a living. An average American is as concerned for his health as his ancestors were, the same as a modern man in Europe or Asia. This is why hospital everywhere are on the top of the list of every government, every ruler, and every politician, because health and safety are the basis of all progress.

This is one of the factors why medical tourism is so developed everywhere in the world, as people can save a lot of money, just by having their health issues taken care of outside of their city, or even country. Many Americans today visit Mexico so that they can get amazing eye surgeries, or “cirugias de ojos” as it is called over there, because they know that regardless of where the doctor is, his main preoccupation is always the wellbeing of his patients. A great eye surgeon in Mexico can do wonders for his patients, and for a lot less money than you would spend in the United States. 

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