August 29, 2016

Tips for Running a Digital Transcription Firm

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If you are looking to start a digital transcription firm, then you should focus on offering professional, accurate and quality transcription services. You should treat your clients like family and develop trust

You should provide faster turnaround times. You should considering offering free trial of your digital transcription service to new clients which  allow them to give it a try, totally without risk. Your office environment needs to be be quite dynamic. Apart from having in-house transcriptionists, you may have to considering some of your digital transcription projects to freelance transcriptionists to manage workload.

You need to focus on providing perfect transcription services with 100% accuracy. From time to time, any of your office staff can find themselves in a backlog situation which may result in reduction in the quality of the transcription. You need to be careful of such situations. It is a good practice to assign an account manager to every client so as to make your client feel that he/she is getting personalized services.

You need to build a trustworthy firm wherein all of your clients would be able to trust their digital transcription needs with your firm. They may also help you get new clients if you do a good job.

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