December 4, 2017

Top 3 Myths About Organic Food

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When it comes to organic produce there are different types of myths floating around. Some of them are related to their nutritional value while others are about their prices. It is very essential to do research before believing anything you listen from adverts and friends.

Following are 3 top myths about organic produce:

Courtesy: Daily Health Post

1. Organic Food is Unhealthy

One of the most common myth about organic produce is that it is not healthy to be consumed. This myth is very untrue; in fact, the food produced from organic ways is more nutritious. Moreover, it does not contain any kind of chemical-based ingredients. It is grown with fertilizers and pesticides that are made from natural products.

2. Not All Pesticides Are Bad

All pesticides that are made from chemicals are bad for health. In fact these products are one of the major reasons of increased types of diseases including cancers. Moreover, these are not excreted by human body for a long time, making them more dangerous for the body. Apart from damaging the human body they are also dangerous for animals and plants and cause a lot of pollution.

3. Organic Produce is very expensive

There are some brands that have relatively expensive organic products but it cannot be said about all organic produce. For relatively reasonable prices, you should visit a farmer’s market. Most of them also provide with fruit and vegetable delivery Brisbane. Remember that conventional food costs more because of the health problem caused in long run.

Even though there are so many myths about organic produce, most of them are untrue, making organic food one of the healthiest options out there.

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