August 28, 2015

Tuft and Needle – Where can you buy it?

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There are currently two different options where you can buy the Tuft and Needle mattress which has recently been released on the market.

For those who are not aware, the tuft and needle mattress is a new mattress in the direct to consumer online market which means they only sell it online. You can find a detailed review over at solutions reviews website.

Places to buy:

#1 –

Buying from Amazon is a good choice due to the fact you can trust the website and you know for a fact you will receive the product and if by a small chance there is something wrong with it you will be able to send it back to Amazon for a full refund or replacement product.

It’s also available on the website which is the UK version so that people living in the United Kingdom can buy the tuft and needle mattress as well.

#2 – Tuft and needle official website

You can also buy the mattress from the official store/website at Tuft and Needle and they currently offer free delivery and a 100 night trial of the mattress. This means that if within 100 days of buying the product you would like to send it back as it’s not a right fit for you then you can for a full refund.

Some people may not trust buying from a website which is not a major company like Amazon is but there is plenty of reviews from customers buying from the product and having no problems receiving it from the official website!

In conclusion we would advise anyone who is new to shopping online to buy the mattress at Amazon as this should limit any potential problems which could arise with the order.

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