August 9, 2017

Types And Basic Design Variations Of A Cardigan Sweater

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A cardigan sweater is simply defined as a sweater with buttons in front. It is opposed to a regular sweater because there could either be a closed or an open front. Never used alone, a cardigan sweater always has a long sleeve, and is followed by another piece of clothing, which means that it is technically designed to be used in colder seasons.

There are various designs and changes in a cardigan sweater depending on the wearer’s choices. Understanding when to wear a particular type of sweater is one thing, but it is also necessary for us to understand and learn about these types first.

American Rag Top Cardigan

This type of cardigan is promptly recognized by its looseness and the linked style of wearing the cardigan sweater. For more information about Cardigan Sweater, you can also visit

Blend Ruffle Front Cardigan

Compared to the American Rag Top, this sort of cardigan fits a lot more to the body and is created to mound to the contours of the one wearing it.

Ruffle Front Cardigan

Related to the blend ruffle front cardigan, this kind of cardigan also has multiple curvy designs on both sides. The main distinction though is that the design of the decoration front cardigan can almost be anything, from single wavy lines to complex and complicated turns and curves.

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