February 13, 2018

What are Basic Light Properties?

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Light Traits

  • Defines how surfaces have been afflicted with special lighting sources.
  • HARD
  • Creates unpleasant shadows
  • Accentuates Shades
  • Effortless to control and contour
  • Defines the color throw from the particular light source
  • Called color-temperature

Produced from the colors created if heat a shameful thing by means of a selection of temperatures. These colors are paired with light sources we used in pictures.

Measured in ºK (Degrees Kelvin, only Called Kelvin or K)


  • Defines that the Foundation of the lighting in query
  • Flashing lights (which is also known as “ไฟกระพริบ” in the Thai language)
  • Incandescent lighting bulb 2700K
  • The temperatures recorded will vary based upon wattage or age of this origin lighting.
  • Along with throw is known to heat at the reduced color temperatures and trendy at the high temperatures, shifting from orange-yellow in underneath to blue-white on the very top.

Sun Light

Daylighting is by sunlight, which could still pose inside by shining doors, windows and skylights. All these illuminations are an origin that enables you to creatively light an issue. At specific times of the afternoon that the lighting is very even and can be invisible via a sun filter at a window.

  • The following resources of organic lighting is flame (Candle, Camp Fire, celebrities, moon) Artificial
  • Light-powered by power is artificial lighting.
  • The most typical are recorded under Light sources over.
  • A flash lighting tightly suits with the light quality from sunlight but remains unnaturally generated.


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