July 30, 2015

What You Should Not Do so as To Enhance Home Security

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When trying to make your home burglar proof, there are always the dos and don’ts.  Well, of course there are those basic things that you should do. You could make use of the Florida ADT Pulse Interactive Solution to achieve a certain level of security in your home. Other things that you can do is to ensure enough lighting in your compound, have an alarm system, install motion sensors and make your doors and windows secure. The doors and windows should be of good quality and have quality locks to keep them tightly closed especially when you are away. However, that was not our business for today. We wanted to look at what you should not do if you want your home to remain secure.

You should avoid revealing information about the company providing you with security systems. This is because thieves could source information from them and get to know how to go around in your home. Another thing you should avoid is to leave lights on when you leave your home in the thought that people will think you are still there. This attracts attention from those who see the lights. You can have timed lights that will go off at certain hours.

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