February 4, 2015

Why Are You Stuck in Win 7 Welcome Screen?

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You must encounter this situation: you boot your computer and find it loading at the welcome screen and never get into the desktop. You may ask what happen to your computer. If you have no idea for this case, then you can only stare at your screen.

Solution for stuck Win 7 welcome screen is a little challenging for most people, but you can read it as well to know more about computer issues. If you study it carefully, you will never be stumped next time.

Computer stuck in Win 7 welcome screen can be caused by various aspects, such as system drivers corrupt, constant power outage, system hardware, incompatible software, failure to update Windows and computer virus.

When there are existing drivers that need update or that is corrupt, it can lead to stuck Windows 7 operating system. From time to time check the status of the system drivers for upgrade or complete removal if not necessary. If a computer has no power to back up just because of sudden power outage, it may break down the Operating System and even destroy the hard drive. Once the battery of a laptop is dead, it should be changed immediately or an alternative should be sorted for to sustain power supply before log off. Same is applicable for a desktop computer as the case may be. You may live in areas where there are enough power supplies, please take this caution seriously. It could also be a hardware issue especially when there is a constant re-occurrence and after a fresh operating system is installed. When an incompatible software or program is uploaded into a Computer system there will definitely be a problem and usually a message warning of this fact would be received in due course. Immediate action should be taken. All existing error notifications should be attended to. Microsoft is known for periodic updates to forestall less than optimum performance of Windows. Users have to opt for this opportunity to safeguard malicious invasion and better performance. A system dormant for quite a long time could also be responsible for Stuck Windows Operating System. Presence of Computer Virus in a system can make the entire system to freeze or get Windows stuck on welcome screen. To guard against this reliable anti-virus software should be installed with constant updating.

When you are confronted with Stuck Windows 7 Home Premium on Welcome Screen, you are advised to attempt a start up repair with other options which include:

Boot the Computer from Safe Mode. To start a Computer from a Safe Mode, you should hit the F8 button just before the display of the welcome Screen when the system is switched on. Go to Safe Mode with Networking > Safe Mode with Command Prompt > Enable boot logging > Enable low resolution video (640×480) > Last known good configuration (advanced) > Directory services restore mode > Debugging Mode > Disable automatic restart on System failure > Disable Driver signature enforcement > Start Windows normally.

            Are you r stuck in Win 7 welcome screen? Try to get rid of it through the guides above.

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