November 14, 2015

Why I Avoid Loans And Save Money Instead

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It is not a good thing to borrow money that you are not ready to repay back. I have seen people who take loans from banks and other lenders and these people do not have an intention of repaying the loans back. What happens to these people is that they will have a poor credit record. It is also true that the lenders will attach their property to the loans and this is a bad thing for sure. This is one of the reasons why I do not take loans from banks and other lenders. There are a number of advantages that come with loans. There are equally the same amounts of disadvantages that come with the loans. You can get more information about these advantages and advantages by visiting website.

There are many reasons why I do not borrow loans these days. I realised that it is possible for me to save the money that I need for my future projects. This way, I do not need to have a god credit record so that I can access loans from the lenders. In short, I do not need the loans at all. One advantage of saving the money for my future use is that I will not have to pay any interest rate to the lenders. You see, i will not borrow at all.

There are many dangers that come with the loans. If one defaults in the repayment of the loans, it means that the lenders will come over and take over the properties that you had bought with the loan. It is also true that your guarantors will be harassed by the lenders since they will be made to repay the loans for you. One advantage of saving for your future projects is that you will be safe to sue the money in whatever way you please.

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