January 30, 2018

Winching Dos And Donts

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Winches are used in hauling and pulling heavy loads. They shouldn’t be used without the prior knowledge of how this type of machinery is used to deliver heavy tasks, and should always be used with assistance.

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Used and new cable winches in Australia can be bought online as well as at any hardware stores which sell winches. In order to work with the winches, there are a few do’s and don’ts which need to be kept in mind. These include:

1. Do not use a tree to wrap your winch cable:

Usually the tree which is used to tie the rope or cable around gets destroyed because of the weight, causing a lot of damage to the tree. There is also a possibility that the tree falls on your vehicle, resulting in some fatal injuries. That is the reason why it is never advised to use the trees for hauling heavy weights.

2. Always use a tree saver if you can’t find anything:

If you can’t find anything else, it is the best option to use a tree saver while tying the rope around the tree. While using a tree saver, you need to be really cautious since you can use the tree saver inaccurately, causing a lot of damage. Always do your calculations for the amount of weight you want to haul and whether the tree saver can work properly while doing so.

3. Do not use it right after taking it out of the box:

Never use a winch right after you purchase it and take it out. If you do this, the cable might get damaged, sticking to the drum and making your winch useless.

Winches can be tricky to use; however, if used cautiously, they can prevent some serious damage.

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