October 27, 2017

Working Safely with Scissor Lifts

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Scissor lifts are used for moving workers from one height to another, it usually moves in a vertical direction. Unlike the aerial lifts, scissor lifts move the working platform upwards and downwards. It uses a certain mechanism that lifts the platform with the help of beams that are crossed like scissors.

Over the years, there have been countless injuries because of negligence. You can use the following tips for working safely with scissor lifts:

1. Fall Prevention

It is compulsory for scissor lifts to have guardrails; it protects the workers and prevents falling. Only trained workers should be allowed to operate the machine. Before working, it is essential that the worker checks the installation of guardrails. The worker must not lean against or stand on them either.

2. Stabilization

The workers should ensure the equipment’s stability. Do not move the lift on bumpy or unlevelled ground, especially in the case of a slope. Isolate the scissor lift route as a contact with other equipment can cause an accident or the worker to fall. Using scissor lifts outside should be limited as it cannot hold up against high wind speed.

Before your step onto the lift, make sure that the system that stops the machine from collapsing is working perfectly. Never overload the machine because the limits are there for a reason.

3. Positioning

Mobile elevated working platforms need to be positioned carefully because the platform raises and it is possible to hit the wires. Workers should be trained enough to safely move the scissor lift around stationary objects and door frames without crashing into them.

This way you can work safely.

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