May 2, 2015

Your Key To Quit Smoking

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Although experts agree to the fact that quitting smoking is a wonderful idea, they frown upon claims that there are specific ways to quit smoking. To these experts, the right way to quit smoking depends on you, the person who's finally decided to quit.

What does that mean? Simply that there is a throng of methods to quit smoking, but what works with Person A may not work with Person B. Hence, as the person intent on quitting the vice, you need to mix and match different methods until you come across two or more that works like magic on you. Here are some methods you could try to combine to see what will fit you best.

The first one is have an organized plan. This means setting a definite date wherein you'll kick the habit, and this includes throwing all your remaining packs of cigarettes, lighters, and even ashtrays. It also means laying out what you should do in case nicotine cravings strike.

Next, learn how to manage anxiety. This is important because studies show that many people smoke for comfort – they smoke when they're stressed, anxious, or agitated. Apparently, smoking can calm their frayed nerves and allows them to de-stress. Rather than reach for a stick at the first sign of stress, take on other good habits like meditation and journaling.

Moreover, have the willpower to stick by your decision. Once you've made up your mind to quit smoking, then you need to exert all your effort and give everything you have to ensure you won't go back on your word.

Fourth, look to technology for help to quit smoking. These days, e cigarettes are the craze. Many find thrill in vaping, as it gives them the feeling of smoking without the actual deadly second-hand smoke. If you're unsure about the concept of vaping, ask around. For sure, you'll find information rich in community vape juice. On the other hand, there are many websites dedicated to e cigarettes and e juices, and you can definitely get details here.

So start combining the methods that you think will work for you. Remember, the key to quitting smoking is you.

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